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Foreign tourism reopening: Key operator slams government for inconsistency, lack of communication even damaging tourism

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And in another news item no Chinese tourists had ever bought VISAs to come. Essentially the Thai government is trying to sell a product nobody wants to buy, then lying about it.   There

Read 2 days ago that NO  Chinese even applied for an STV.  Most farangs doubted they would with all the red tape, restrictions and cost. Nothing to do with the veggy brigade!

Dream on pal, that will never happen, since when did Prayut or any of his cronies ever listen to anyone. They know best, well silly sods think they do, fact is they dont care about anybody, anyth

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The government has been screwing around with tourism and foreign business since it usurped power in 2014.  Watching TAT updates are comical for those of us on this forum.  If you are Thai in the tourism industry, they test your patience. 


For me, watching young back packers buy motorcycles and explore southeast Asia is far more interesting then trying to lure first timers to a 4 star hotel. 


Most other countries in the region are not in any hurry to open up.   That should be communicated as well by the usurpers in government, but as usual, Thailand always looks inward.        

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17 hours ago, ChipButty said:

I find that excuse a bit lame because of the Vegetarian Festival. they would have been in quarantine would they not?

From my understanding, these 120 Chinese tourists simply signed up to come to Thailand. That list was given to the TAT which in turn gave it to immigration to allow entry. They had not obtained visas (Thai embassies confirmed), they had not done COVID tests as they were to arrive on private aircraft and meet with busses to tour Thailand... no quarantine.

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Wow! A least someone figured it out. Any policy that the government made only benefits them — nothing for down line people. The more insane policies they come up with, the more people there are that don’t want to come here; not only during this pandemic but in the future as well. I guess soon the tourism industry will be RIP here.

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18 hours ago, teacherclaire said:

He has even claimed that they are doing more harm than good at the moment. 


Isn't that what they're always doing? 

The Thai pensioners don't like western tourists. They think they own Thailand but they are just crooks. Hence the protesters and they have damaged Thailand and should be held accountable like Yingluck was.

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3 hours ago, BritManToo said:

There's no miscommunications .......... just lies to try and cover their incompetence.

But which incompetence is the more significant, I am more than happy for the incompetent to keep me safe, unlike other incompetents.


It would then transpire that the new measures had actually been disowned far in advance of their announcement, and to make it clear, the prime minister’s group of scientific advisors published all the guidance they gave to the prime minister three weeks ago, about the urgent need for an immediate temporary lockdown, which he had declined to do.


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