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Medical insurance and renewal of retiree extension of stay visa

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9 hours ago, Robin said:

I have no idea what the rule is now, but, when I applied for my Non-Im O retirement extension in June, I was not asked for any insurance, only the usual proof of funds etc.  I/O showed me an 'official' list of requirement for extension, and no mention of any insurance there.

I did this extension myself with only Wife to assist.   Considering how the Covid situation was brewing up, I was pleasantly surprised how normal the whole procedure was.  Re-entry permit done at the same visit.  All completed before lunch.

Same for me in July...but skipped the MRP this year. Seems to have been a good move.

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That's correct. A non-immigrant O extension of stay based upon retirement obtained in Thailand does not require an insurance. 

I have a retirement visa, although it does not say O, having obtained it in Bangkok 6 months ago. I assume it is an extension of stay. A friend today told me that when I go to renew it I now I must ha

A friend extended his OA based on marriage this week in Pattaya and he paid B2500 for a Thai policy covering the 400k/100k health insurance requirement.

On 10/19/2020 at 12:30 PM, jacko45k said:

Only for retirement extensions.

Only for O-A based on retirement. A Non-O extension is also a retirement extension. They are exactly the same except for the health insurance needed for the O-A. 

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