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No remorse! Female driver poses for pictures after nearly killing motorcyclist

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No remorse! Female driver poses for pictures after nearly killing motorcyclist



Picture: Daily News


Daily News said that a good looking, young woman driver showed absolutely no remorse after slamming into a motorcyclist early on Tuesday morning. 


Instead the 23 year old posed for pictures with her detached front registration plate. 


She has been charged with negligent driving and was taken to hospital for a DUI blood test. 


The media reported that Sattahip police and rescue services attended the accident scene near the U-turn at the Ruen Yoong Thong housing estate on the Sattahip to Pattaya road (Sukhumvit) at 1 am.



Picture: Daily News


They found a smashed up Honda Click and ten meters away was Samran, 50, lying unconscious in a pool of blood with serious head and hip injuries. 


He was barely alive and rushed to hospital. 


Fifty meters away were tire marks showing a car had piled through the undergrowth. A Honda City had its front completely smashed in.


Behind the wheel was Jantharaporn, 23, who was unhurt. 


Rather than showing regret or concern for what she had done she was posing for pictures with her 1418 plate that had come off in the collision. 



Picture: Daily News


Pol-Capt Pattananan said that she told him she had been at a restaurant. 


She was charged with negligent driving and taken to hospital for an alcohol in the blood test. 


If she was over the limit that would be added to the rap sheet. 


Source: Daily News



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-10-14
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'good looking woman'? Are they blind? She looks what she is, a dim witted, stupid, cow. which is an insult to cows, especially the pretty ones. 

The cavalier disregard for human life is unbelievable!   Heal quickly biker dude.

The number plate seems to be made from a better quality steel than the Honda Not a mark on it Just as the drivers brain has never been switched on

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