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Why are farangs rude to each other?

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I find that many of the westerners I come across have some quirks about them, or are total nutcases to be honest... Not all, but many... Thailand is a place for many misfits..

So many I've met, within a few minutes tell their amazing lifestory, which amounts to bs.   Socially inept misfit, who come here, & continue their daft lives.

And I apologise to all here............................

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7 minutes ago, connda said:

Goes to show other nationality share commonalities with Thais.

OR the Thai's learnt it from the other nationalities - why not?

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31 minutes ago, faraday said:

Yes I agree. It seems everyone is fighting, arguing with each other all the time. Trolling everywhere, keyboard warriors, & others who just want to 'put you right'.

I wonder where it will all end. Badly, I fear.

Hey!  I was going to say that.  Next time, wait your turn.

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11 minutes ago, KarenBravo said:

My post says "I don't let anyone".

I don't let anyone, Thai, or otherwise cut in front of me unremarked.

"Because it's their country" is a very weak excuse and doesn't excuse that kind of behaviour.


Yes I saw that. But, the emphasis was on the "Because it's their country"!

Just asking...

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2 hours ago, faraday said:

What are you bleddy talking about? You do ramble on sometimes, Lacey!

Now get out my sodding way!



Oh dear. Another one who has no appreciation of the problem with statistical assumptions. After you sir.

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