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Where Do We Put All These New Golfers?

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Where Do We Put All These New Golfers?


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In the past six months, golf has attracted many new players in the States, due in part to its outdoor environment, with physical distancing a natural part of the game. 


On October 20 the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) are taking this seriously and are holding a webinar which will address how PGA Professionals and golf facility operators can introduce all that golf has to offer to new players, while continuing to host experienced golfers, who are playing more rounds.


Golf has certainly been accepted as one of the few sports that can be still enjoyed during the Covid pandemic, and even equipment manufacturers are actually taking on new staff to cope with demand.


In Thailand and from my own observations, most of the golf courses around Pattaya and the Eastern Seaboard are still busy hosting tournaments, with upwards of an average of 200-300 players teeing off over the weekend.


With certain foreign owned factories that are currently not operating 7 days a week, has enabled Japanese and Korean senior management to go and play more golf too.


Same can be said in Europe, and the media is reporting that some UK courses have seen a surge in bookings, some by up to 60%.


So, my question to you is, have you been playing more rounds of golf at Thai courses in the past six months, than say comparing during the same time pre Covid? And if so how many more rounds a month than pre Covid?




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Several Troll Posts have been removed. Would appreciate only sensible relevant comments in this forum please ... tks

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On 10/15/2020 at 2:39 PM, Big Joke said:

Make up your mind. Last month 30% of Thai golf courses will close. Now there is not enough courses in Thailand to cater for the increase in players. 

In all industries there are companies who will always get by and there will be those that will fall by the way. The point of the article is that globally many people with time on their hands are taking up golf maybe for the first time. Certainly I stand by my comment that there will be clubs across Thailand that may sell out or close. Meanwhile those clubs who are in good urban locations and offer a good golfing experience are seeing reasonable traffic, some are also new to the game.

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Haven't been playing much in the past 12 months due to personal reasons (arm muscle injury), but I've attended a couple of events recently and I'm also well informed about player turnout at golf courses around Pattaya and the numbers are very very low, even Thai players don't play much. The weather hasn't been helping either.


Most courses aren't in great shape right now, but many continue to ask for full green fee price. If they were a bit more business savvy, they would offer greatly reduced GF and cart fee, along with a 50% discount at the bar/restaurant after the round.
They should welcome members free of charge and offer similar bar discounts to keep the place up and running, as well as make very attractive offers to attract new local golfers.

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22 hours ago, Surelynot said:

Not playing on any course in Thailand that allows flights of five...that's for sure.

Then you will likely have a very limited selection of courses ..........

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