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Android Fast Charger Unit

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Recently got a new mobile(poco x3 nfc) with fast charge facility, which is brilliant..... when it works! After 10 days it stopped fast charging, just goes normal speed (which feels dead slow to me now). 


Went to my local shopping centre and a very helpful phone shop guy said it really depends on the power socket you plug into. He plugged directly into the wall in his shop(no extension block) and it worked again. I took back to my room plugged it directly into the wall and it worked. I thought job done! Next day, I can't find any wall socket in my room that works now! 


I really don't want to send phone back just for that. The inconvenience is massive! For the sake of say 150baht(ish) I'd rather buy a new charger unit and even a new USB-C cable if necessary 


Can anyone recommend a good Android fast charger unit, perhaps one they've bought online and they're happy with? I suspect theyre pretty universal for android phones now. Mine is 3A rated usb type C & supports up to 33w, so assume I can buy a 40w but it will just go at 33w speed. In other words I don't buy an 18w speed as I won't get the necessary speed? 

I've been online but theres just so many of them and I don't know what's junk and what's good. 

And also if that then fails then I know with a degree of certainty that it's the phone device itself. 


It's odd as it worked fine first 10days even using an extension block. 


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I would worry that fast charger units slowly damage the battery. If you replace your phone every year, I suppose that wouldn't matter.

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2 hours ago, cooked said:

I would worry that fast charger units slowly damage the battery. If you replace your phone every year, I suppose that wouldn't matter.

Well that's a separate debate so to speak. And I'm inclined to agree with you, and so I wouldn't fast charge my phone every day. 


But I'm just trying to get this feature to work again. So hoping someone knows good fast charge units, thanks 

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Modern lithium-polymer batteries can be charged at higher currents sometimes as high as two times capacity. This means a 3Ah battery could be charged at 6 amps. 


Regular 5V chargers will have problems delivering enough current over the connecting cable which is why fast chargers negotiate voltage and current values with the phone before delivery. They also employ quality cables capable of handling higher currents.


There are many variables in the fast charging chain. Slow charge time could be down to a faulty component or simply a restricted charge rate set by the phones charge cycle and temperature monitor. 


Plugging the charger into different sockets should make little difference as the chargers have a very wide input voltage range.


Ambient temperature will have an affect on battery charge temperature which can result in the phone adjusting charge rate to compensate. The phones charging management needs to be satisfied with battery condition before allowing a 30 watt + charge to continue.


Fast charging phones problems should be diagnosed by someone who fully understands the method and the type of negotiation employed by the phone.

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