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Police deployed in Ratchaprasong area amid planned protest, warn against ‘illegal’ assembly after 5pm

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When I read the news this morning my first thought was ' The protestors are winning this & the Dinosaurs are running scared.   More power to the youngun's elbows. 

Totally disagree with you, it is slowly growing, and soon the whole country will be involved. Your idol and his cronies have already shown that they are running scared with this mornings announce

The army desperados think this will stifle dissent. I doubt it will. They are so despised at this point, this draconian move will only make things worse.   And in addition, this will stifle

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6 minutes ago, anchadian said:
They’re done at Lad Prao/Chatuchak. A 4 hour occupation and the police stayed away, avoiding dramatic scenes of last night.

Glad they did, but it is interesting.  Must be a lot of power plays going on now.

3 police sacked on Thursday for not doing their duty, and the whole force given the day off today. King still thinks Thailand should not change, Prawit given overall control, but the army not yet apparent.  Prayuth gave a speech warning that anyone could die at any moment and that he can not understand why people are cross because he has not done nothing wrong.

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On 10/15/2020 at 12:55 PM, YetAnother said:

Fireworks imminent


  That's about it .

  Nothing else .

  Tanks vs democracy .

   Only , one winner . Military ..


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1 hour ago, Donutz said:

Uncle needs to go and give the country back to the people. 

He's already given the country back,he gave it back to his people!The rest can have the crumbs.

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50 minutes ago, sammieuk1 said:

Expats know tin pot leaders don't last long one way or another especially when they start using violence and imprisonment to cling on 🖖🤔  

I knew the Clingons were involved,we better call in the Enterprise!

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