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Police deployed in Ratchaprasong area amid planned protest, warn against ‘illegal’ assembly after 5pm

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3 hours ago, ThailandRyan said:

His resignation and a successor cabinet of coalition parties

sorry to rain on your parade ....   lol  .... ain't gunna happen.  imo






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When I read the news this morning my first thought was ' The protestors are winning this & the Dinosaurs are running scared.   More power to the youngun's elbows. 

Totally disagree with you, it is slowly growing, and soon the whole country will be involved. Your idol and his cronies have already shown that they are running scared with this mornings announce

The army desperados think this will stifle dissent. I doubt it will. They are so despised at this point, this draconian move will only make things worse.   And in addition, this will stifle

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On 10/17/2020 at 4:34 PM, anchadian said:

yes, but the recent protests don't bring the numbers.

it's pretty clear from the various pictures over recent days that protesters struggle to get people together.

that's because protesters don't pay the redshirt base to make up the numbers, so the protests will be easily controlled by the police.


'struggle to get numbers together " ? I guess you can't count, there were  many thousand for 3 days 


Exactly and now they are congregating at three different locations.



This article by ThaiPBS explains what I mean:


Titipol added that the size of turnout is also crucial, adding that though protest hashtags shared on social media have exceeded one million, the numbers on the streets are still far lower.

He said the protest would need to last at least two to three months with more than 500,000 participants to have a real effect on the government. However, he does not see the crowds reaching this size any time soon.




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7 hours ago, tgw said:

how can the protesters up the ante without hurting others, such as workers and small businesses?


The creature is breathing without artificial means.


No point in trying to think up reasons why it cannot do this or that.


It is beyond reason.


It will go where it must.


Enjoy the ride.






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