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COVID-19 is not going away soon or ever

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On 10/18/2020 at 8:29 PM, PatrickC said:


Correct - recently.

The medical clearances were a nuisance, but do-able. The 2 week quarantine was boring, but also do-able. Not sure what the point is?


Life goes on. 


What makes you assume I am a libertarian? I'm neither left wing, ring wing, libertarian or any other label. I've no interest in politics - all politicians are the same, just in it for themselves.

I have about 4 friends who have flown in over the last month. all of them said the same thing, quarantine was dull but comfortable and they got alot of work done

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Not like a regular flu at all. They want masks and distancing to be permanent. None of that happened for regular flu or any other diseases, far as I know. I'm happy to go back to life as pre coro

eventually, everyone will copy sweden and move on as it was a year ago, but its bitter and humiliating for politicians around the world to admit they committed high treason on their own coun

Not to mention that they have destroyed their countries' already fragile economies, that will need years to recover, if ever...

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9 hours ago, PatrickC said:


Not being able to visit foreign countries is not a big deal. Life goes on. 

For some, yes.  For others, it's a huge deal.  Hard to do your business when you can't easily leave the Kingdom.  And live isn't going on very well for them.


Get the virus under control so we can get back to "normal".

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On 10/19/2020 at 1:56 AM, placnx said:


The Great Barrington Declaration was answered by a correspondence by 31 authors in The Lancet four days ago:


"Scientific consensus on the COVID-19 pandemic: we need to act now"

This substantiates with detailed references what Jingthing has been explaining. It refutes the "herd immunity" proposal in the Great Barrington Declaration: "This is a dangerous fallacy unsupported by scientific evidence." It warns of the severe consequences that would result from following Barrington.

"We cannot afford distractions that undermine an effective response; it is essential that we act urgently based on the evidence. To support this call for action, sign the John Snow Memorandum."

This memorandum is in fact the text from The Lancet (see above).


Seems the science isn't fixed, after all.



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14 hours ago, simon43 said:




The selfishness of many of this younger generation will result in them being known as the granny-killer generation.....

Funny that , Handcock said exactly the same thing !

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35 minutes ago, PatrickC said:


Start a new business that doesn't involve leaving TH. Learn to adapt.

Right.  So that factory with 100 employees should just be sold?  Oh right, impossible to do now.  I'll tell my friend to adapt.  He's only owned it for 20+ years.



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42 minutes ago, PatrickC said:


Because it is not fixed. There is still a lot we don't know.

You need to go back and read what we were talking about.  The science is fixed on this part.


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7 minutes ago, PatrickC said:


Why does your friend need to travel? Do what the rest of us who used to travel for business do - use video conferencing instead. Most businesses have adapted just fine.


Again - not being able to travel out of Thailand is not a big deal. International travel is a recent thing.  

Are you drinking?  He runs a factory with 100 employees!  That can NOT be done remotely.  Stunning you don't understand this.


You are obviously not a business person.

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7 minutes ago, PatrickC said:


Nope, it is not. Many scientists disagree that lockdowns are effective. There are many dissenting opinions. I'm not going to send you any links because clearly you have made your mind up on this and won't listen to anyone. 


It is sad that you have siloed yourself off from the world and do not want to consider more than 1 opinion.

NO scientist disagrees with lockdowns.  What they agree on is that it's only one step in getting the virus under control.


You know nothing about me.  Don't make assumptions.

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1 minute ago, PatrickC said:


Sigh. Lots of scientists disagree with lockdowns. So many of them. The fact that you really think none disagree says a lot.


Just as one example - 13,000 UK scientists and medical professionals just a few weeks ago signed a petition calling for lockdowns to end. That is just one country.


Show me a credible link that proves lots of scientists disagree with lockdowns.  Nothing from InfoWars, nothing from YouTube or Twitter.



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15 minutes ago, PatrickC said:


I work in a large corporation with tens of thousands of employees. I travelled every few weeks before Covid and don't now - everything is done remotely. Works just fine.


Post Covid I likely won't travel regularly again. Video conferencing works well enough.


I worked in many large corporations.  Traveled all the time.  In my job, no worries.  In my friends job?  Impossible.


Why argue about this so much?  Have you ever run a factory?  Give it up....please.

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Let's get real. 

At this point Thailand doesn't need to do any Covid-19 lockdowns and hopefully never will have to.

Indeed the WHO has adjusted its guidance on lockdowns suggesting they should be reserved only for very severe situations. 

I happen to agree with the current WHO guidance.

But as we wait for a safe and effective vaccine to both exist and be widely used mitigation efforts will continue to be needed.

Masks,  social distancing, limiting crowd sizes particularly inside. Focusing on any outbreak areas with mass testing and forced isolation of the infected.

Not really too much to ask!

Opening up totally now without mitigation measures before wide adoption of a vaccine is massively irresponsible. 

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