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COVID-19 is not going away soon or ever

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eventually, everyone will copy sweden and move on as it was a year ago, but its bitter and humiliating for politicians around the world to admit they committed high treason on their own coun

Not like a regular flu at all. They want masks and distancing to be permanent. None of that happened for regular flu or any other diseases, far as I know. I'm happy to go back to life as pre coro

Not to mention that they have destroyed their countries' already fragile economies, that will need years to recover, if ever...

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2 hours ago, polpott said:

Measles was eradicated in the UK due to a very high uptake of the MMR vaccine. Unfortunately a quack doctor Andrew Wakefield published his research claiming that the MMR vaccine caused autism. Subsequently many parents refused to have their children vaccinated and measles returned in force. Wakefield's research was subsequently debunked and he was struck off from practicing as a doctor.


Unfortunately the stigma remained and MMR takeup has still not fully returned to pre Wakefield levels. The same is happening with the Covid vaccine with a number of quacks coming out of the woodwork and postulating unfounded anti vaxxer theories against the Covid vaccine to further their own claims to fame. They are doing irrevocable damage to the global vaccination program, now exacerbated by social media and the current trend for spreading conspiracy theories.


If the Covid vaccination program fails the blame can be laid squarely at their door.

Absolutely - my thoughts exactly👍👍

These quacks are, as i've just said on another thread, "ill-informed and /or attention-seeking conspiracy theorists"  

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