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I like living in Chiang Mai

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I like my house, my housing estate, the shops nearby. I like the weather, the mountains, the lakes, jungle and waterfalls. My kids are happy at the schools and universities nearby. We h

33 years living in Chiang Mai,so guess I like this place,when I first arrived here I used to cycle around town,now driving around  can be a nightmare,how things have changed,from one small

Still have no idea why people choose to live in a place where the pollution levels make it unlivable and dangerous to your health for several months a year. Been there, not worth the health problems,

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So far, I like Thailand as well.  Except maybe the getting pulled over once a week for my color.  But even that is not so bad lol.  $6 toll and I'm back on the road.

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Great place. Can't beat the setting and most everything else (must've done a couple thousand cycling miles on that mountain)... but, better 20 years ago. :tongue: Just found it got a bit too crowded with all those moobaans thrown up. Always love going back.

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