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"The Stranded": Thaivisa highlights the plight of expats unable to return to Thailand: #1: Teachers

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Do not knock TV for this one.. Doing nothing achieves nothing. Doing something might succeed. Good luck.

It's not only Thailand whom have closed their borders to non citizens, many nations have imposed such restrictions.  Some of those are the very same countries as those who are complaining right here o

I think we're flogging a dead horse here.   Up to the Thais who they let in at the end of the day as harsh as it is for those trapped overseas.   Perhaps a wake up call to those of

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50 minutes ago, BritManToo said:

I'd already paid for my holiday in March and nobody was offering me a refund if I didn't go.

Not to mention my permission to stay would have expired if I hadn't left.

I was in Siem Reap when I got a message from Air Asia at 5pm, Thai border closing at mid-night, your return flight next week is cancelled.

Got back in the country with 30 minutes to spare before the airport closed to international arrivals.


What would I have done if I hadn't managed to return?

Probably would have dumped my Thai family and mortgage, and set up a new home and family in Cambodia.

I'm not really one for sending money to people in foreign countries, for services I can no longer use.

So you chose the holiday over staying in Thailand because of losing out financially, now you blame who for being financially burdened because you can't get back to work?

You got evicted because you didn't want to pay the rent,  what did you expect?


Blame Thai Immigration why not.






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