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Can I use 'Semi gloss' paint on walls or should I only use 'Matt' paint?

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On 10/16/2020 at 6:44 AM, bbabythai said:

I selected white paint of course.

Why the white of course, did you want it to resemble a hospital ?


It depends on the finish to you house whether to use  to mat or gloss, because gloss does tend to show up any faults in the plastering. As does white to a certain extent, there are so many light pastel colors on the market at the moment, (Pastel grey seems to be todays favorite) Pastels can be as light as you want them & give a warmer look than plain white--which  will show up any small mark or dirt.

Pastel Grey

Home tour | A pale-grey apartment in Gothenburg | These Four Walls

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I have found semi-gloss is good for kitchens and bathrooms as it is easy to wipe down and keep fresh looking.  Matt for the rest of the house is probably better.. 

I paint walls semi-gloss and ceilings matt. I haven't noticed any issue with glare.   Kitchen, bath, doors and trim I like high-gloss.   Be advised, defects are much more visible w

Semi-gloss WASHABLE is the only way to go, all around the house or apartment ! and don,t stint on the price, good quality paint has many advantages over the cheap stuff, especially when it comes to sl

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i just went through this for my house. 
my 2 cents.

matte for ceilings

semi gloss for ba bathrooms and working kitchens.

for general living areas ( indoors and outdoors)

i use a finish called “sheen” from Jotun. ( similar to eggshell or satin)

jotun “ sheen FLEX” is excelent for cement walls which are often less than perfect.

yes Jotun costs a bit more but is well worth it when you consider ease of application, coverage and longevity.

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2 minutes ago, grobec said:

sheen FLEX” is excelent for cement walls which are often less than perfect.

Yes its excellent, I used for a feature wall on a condo I had near Rayong........ the finish in the place was terrible.

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All of the “xxx” is the best are wrong.

You may like xxx, others may not, your opinion may be that yyy colour is ideal others will disagree.


Your opinion is good for you.


That a particular finish is better for a particular use is a reasonable point, it isn’t an absolute.

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12 minutes ago, sometimewoodworker said:

Most hospitals seem to be a rather dull light green.


because on this Color any sign of infection can easily and immediately found, unlike other where it will take days to notice any sign of infection. And infection control is main motive in any healthcare industry. Let it be even hospital where you have highest chances of infection.


I made the comment because I have just come out of a large Hospital last week, anyway--good luck with your paint job, hope it all goes smoothly.

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On 10/16/2020 at 5:41 PM, kamalabob2 said:

I have worked with more than one home decorator, and met more than one paint company representative in Thailand. Matt higher grade paint for the ceilings. Semi Gloss or Sheen for the walls. High Gloss on doors and door frames. EVERY major paint brand in Thailand has different grades of paint. it is quite clear in the paint folders what paint will last longer and has better attributes. Nippon Health Care Matt on the ceilings, Nippon Weatherbond Flex semi gloss paint on the interior, Nippon Colourshield Plus SolarFlect semi gloss paint on the exterior.  I was advised to NOT have any white walls nor do I have any white ceilings. TOA Super Shield is a popular house paint. 


Buriram professional Nippon House Painters.jpg

Buriram Thailand TOA House Paint Sales Manager.jpg

Hi. I wanted to ask a question. On day 1 the painters put the primer on painting it the vertical direction towards our main entrance. Next day they put the next matt coat on painting in horizontal... across ways. I think they are doing this to not have problems with lines on the ceiling. today I assume they will paint it vertical direction again for the final coat. is this correct what they have done or is it a balls up? I suppose I will see tonight what the final job looks like

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On 10/16/2020 at 12:31 AM, GlennSN20U5 said:

I reckon it depends on personal painting skills, semi-gloss at least would help to hide the imperfect paint finishing. If you are decent painter, try go for matt surface. Personally prefer matt over semi gloss. 

I have found it is easier to "touch-up matt paint"

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3 hours ago, bbabythai said:

is this correct what they have done or is it a balls up?

The long standing advice for painting with a roller is to make an "X" (or "S") and then fill in the area being no larger than the roller can adequately apply at a time.  Provides consistent coverage.

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We bought a mooban house 30 years ago. The walls had been painted with paint that was powdery. Sure got dingy and peeled off anywhere there's been any moisture such as baseboards.


Spring for the best stuff available. Then it can be a long time before you have to repaint.

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