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Ambassadors from 28 countries given tour of Phuket in bid to boost confidence in island tourism

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22 hours ago, webfact said:

inspire friends abroad to come to Phuket when the country is opened again. 


What about giving a guaranteed date when this will happen ?

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Invited for a freebie ?  and don't leave a negative review or there could be legal action 😋

What a total waste of both time and money

All they will see in Patong is closed and near derelict shops, dirty and crumbling footpaths and roads, and a town reeking with "the stench of death".

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23 hours ago, anchadian said:

The Phuket Tourist Association has invited ambassadors and consulate officials from 28 countries to visit the island for three days in November. 

Just trying to do the maths.


How can you do 14 days quarantine in 3 days

One would assume ambassadors are living in BKK so no need for quarantine

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They have not given any tour.  They have been invited.  I suspect most of the cost will be complimentary.  Impressive volume of people, though.  Ambassadors and their partners would total 56 non-spending V.I.P.s.

This will solve so many problems.

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They can invite how many embassy they like embassy dont decide for the tourist the tourist decide for there selfs if they want to except the rules and requirements at the moment they have no takers 

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