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Here they come! 120+ Chinese from Guangzhou set to arrive at Bangkok airport on TUESDAY

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The shrimp buffet festival is on 20 October. 

Each will have his/her own Covid minder on a leash.  Each leash comes with a dog poop bag, so that when they need to take a dump on the sidewalk, it can be picked up.

There are no queues to cut, but you will hear them long before you can see them 

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42 minutes ago, PFMills said:

Test is 95% accurate, 120 people, means 6 people could get the wrong result ... <deleted>

If a test is 95 % accurate, how many tests would you statistically need to go through, to make sure your 100% negative. 


Could be a new money machine 🤑

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1 hour ago, anchadian said:

Yes, quarantine was mentioned previously but not in this report.


As you stated, 'It will be interesting to see how that turns out'.


I have my doubts.


This mornings BP said that these Chinese tourists will only be here for 30 days.

Wow, when I took my Morning BP it said 117/68, so your machine gives you news instead of readings.  Tell me more.

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