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Here they come! 120+ Chinese from Guangzhou set to arrive at Bangkok airport on TUESDAY

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19 hours ago, UB40 said:

Yesterday I read, that exactly "0" Chinese applied for the STV. And now they're coming? Seems as if all media have a serious truth-problem

More like government officials!

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The shrimp buffet festival is on 20 October. 

Each will have his/her own Covid minder on a leash.  Each leash comes with a dog poop bag, so that when they need to take a dump on the sidewalk, it can be picked up.

There are no queues to cut, but you will hear them long before you can see them 

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3 minutes ago, brianthainess said:

They will be eating, smoking, and drinking beer all at the same time, in my experience.

I'm thinking they will mainly be smuggling suitcases full of money to be laundered into Thailand.

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6 hours ago, Jonathan Swift said:

And you have a degree in epidemiology and infectious diseases? In your academic studies, have you identified beyond reasonable doubt the exact causes of the second waves in the countries you mentioned? Have you identified the exact factors which have kept Thailand safe thus far, and have you compared the details from those foreign countries with the research in Thailand? Did you even consult W.H.O. information website to look at the statistics and their advice and analyisis? OK then. Your concerns, your FEARS,  are valid, but your statements exceed your expertise. No one knows EXACTLY how much risk is posed by Chinese or any other tourists if safety protocols are followed. It is all speculation. The Thai government is perfectly and legitimately entitled to consider all possibilities. There is enough known about the spread of the virus that people can make informed choices. There is no such thing as 0 risk. But it is fair to consider the suffering of the unemployed and displaced Thai victims of the economic collapse from covid. It is not an easy balance to strike, not easy to balance all of the risks. There is no single correct decision or policy. There are simply a range of alternatives between completely isolating Thailand from the world and opening the borders completely. So you make a choice and proceed with caution, and keep all options on the table as you proceed. Do you have a job, is your income secure? Probably. 

Problem of today’s world is some people like you who see themselves are common sense and other people are ignorant !!!

Do you have a hotel in thai or have salary from thai government???

I recommend you more study and open your eyes to reality of today’s world ! 
opening border to tourist this time NOT solves any economic crisis and cause more pressure to country 

economic crisis in thailand started from last year and before covid !! 


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Some posts containing unattributed content that was copy and pasted from some sites have been removed as there was no supporting link provided. 


14) You will not post any copyrighted material except as fair use laws apply (as in the case of news articles). Please only post a link, the headline and the first three sentences.


15) Any links posted must lead to the website the link indicates. Links that are misleading or direct to a site different than the one indicated are not allowed.



Edit to add:  A post commenting on moderation has been removed.

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2 hours ago, FalangJaiDee said:

Just curious, so are there people here who genuinely believe the case and death toll numbers reported from China? I’m just curious.

I don't trust the numbers in most countries. 

To many false negatives and false positives, plus each country has their own way of determining when it's a covid 19 death or not. 

Even if Europe there is a huge difference how the different countries register their deaths. 

We need a set of international standards how to register each case, but that never happens as each country has their own agenda is this messed up covid 19 game. 


And as I understand it, many tests do not distinguish between live or dead vira, so the numbers reported each day could be way higher that the reality, if a large part of the infected is "just" people carrying dead vira that can't spread the disease. 

Off course it gives a picture of how many that has/had covid 19, but we need to know which people who can or can not spread the disease. No point of quarantine for those tested positive, but that can't spread it. 

Or did I totally misunderstand this part? 


That being said, it seems like most cities in China is back to a somewhat normal and the flight traffic domestically is quite high, so it seems they have it under control. 

It's certainly not covid free, but I think it's in a better state than for example Germany and UK, which Thailand also plan to let it. 

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4 minutes ago, chainarong said:

Look for some idiot out front carrying a flag , any flag will do. 😂😂😂

I give this post 5minutes before it is deleted 🤣

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