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Here they come! 120+ Chinese from Guangzhou set to arrive at Bangkok airport on TUESDAY

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There’s a second wave in some places in China. Qingdao city is lowdown and 11 millions are being tested. A place in Guangzhou has a new outbreak and is under lockdown with ongoing testing. Perhaps more cities will be lockdown soon since millions of Chinese just returned home from their annual fall festivities holiday.

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The shrimp buffet festival is on 20 October. 

Each will have his/her own Covid minder on a leash.  Each leash comes with a dog poop bag, so that when they need to take a dump on the sidewalk, it can be picked up.

There are no queues to cut, but you will hear them long before you can see them 

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On 10/16/2020 at 11:25 AM, webfact said:

In an attempt to allay fears he said "there was nothing to worry about" and "there are not many of them".


The airport could handle thousands more, he intimated 


Among the measures in place are special testing areas where PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests can be performed on the new arrivals. 


These have an accuracy of 95% and results are available in two hours, he said. 

It only takes one to restart what you work so hard to protect the country from. 

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16 hours ago, brianthainess said:

They will be eating, smoking, and drinking beer all at the same time, in my experience.

Snorting up and spitting

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If we compare the current situation in China Vs Europe it makes sense to invite Chinese citizens first. 


Atm here in Europe we're having approximately 140,000 new cases each day. 


That beeing said it's not a complete disaster here, and many countries are still open as usual, but with some restrictions. 

Death rates are way lower now compared to the beginning. 

Numbers are rising, but there are a lot more tested now. 

Most countries can keep up with beds for those needing one. 

So it's no so critical that some posters tend to point out. 


But until the numbers drop a lot, I can see why Thailand might choose Chinese over Europeans. 


I just hope the Thais will be as welcoming as they normally are, when borders are open again. 


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