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Here they come! 120+ Chinese from Guangzhou set to arrive at Bangkok airport on TUESDAY

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The shrimp buffet festival is on 20 October. 

Each will have his/her own Covid minder on a leash.  Each leash comes with a dog poop bag, so that when they need to take a dump on the sidewalk, it can be picked up.

There are no queues to cut, but you will hear them long before you can see them 

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It appears that the second wave may be coming in from China just as the first did. If the test is only 95% accurate, that means a possible 5 people infected but not caught out of the 120+ coming in. 


And Thailand had been doing so well.




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1 hour ago, PFMills said:

Test is 95% accurate, 120 people, means 6 people could get the wrong result ... <deleted>

I don't know but a 95% accuracy with a result within 2 hours seems to be a bit of a reach.


That would be the pessimist in me though.

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3 hours ago, TSF said:

Actually it's a positive step forward. Slowly opening up to selected countries and doing rapid covid tests upon arrival at the airport. My guess is in 2021 there will be lots more freeing up, allowing hassle-free entry to people from certain countries, who have been vaccinated and do a rapid covid test at the airport. It's the best we can hope for at the present time. 

Oxford just announced a proven high accuracy Covid 19 test, result in 5 minutes.

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