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Safety of railway crossings questioned after second vehicle hit by train in a week

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Safety of railway crossings questioned after second vehicle hit by train in a week

By The Nation




Less than a week after a bus was hit by a train in Chachoengsao province, a car and a train collided in Phetchaburi on Thursday night killing one and injuring two others.


Officers from Khao Yoi Police Station collected the body of a 21-year-old woman who was driving the car, and took the two male passengers who were seriously injured to hospital.


Initial investigation showed that the victims worked at a factory in Samut Songkhram province and had gone to Khao Yoi district for a meal.


They were heading home when they got hit by a train while crossing a railway track.


Five days ago, a train hit a bus killing 18 people, which sparked criticism over the safety of Thailand’s railway system.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30396311



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-10-16
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Perhaps they should look at the stupidity of the car drivers...

It's not unsafe railway crossings that are the problem. The problem are unsafe drivers.

I don't think it's so much the safety of the crossings per se, this happened during the hours of darkness, did the car driver not see the lights on the train ?   Admittedly the crossings her

1 hour ago, Mike k said:

Natural selection is slowly weeding them out it's just to slow 

That may be so but the poor innocent passengers and possibly innocent train drivers are also being killed by these inept vehicle drivers.

Why should they and their families suffer?

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How hard is to make barrier i crossing when train comes!? Here they just dont want put any money in traffic safety!

All idiot u turns and so one! Only in big citys interchance coz dont have space to make different way! In my coundry u turn is almost always denied!

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4 hours ago, richard_smith237 said:

Combine something which is potentially dangerous with someone who is intelligent and alert and nothing will happen.

Combine something which is potentially dangerous with a halfwit and the worst will happen. 


We see this so often on the roads, life in general etc... the issue in Thailand is that people really seem not to value their own safety. It's annoying that they seem not to value the safety of others either. 





I had a good friend from Sweden who got killed in Hua-hin crossing the tracks several years ago.

He was a great guy,rode Harleys all over the world and ran a good business in Sweden.

He had just left my place and was due back to Sweden the next day,

He was totally sober and happy to go home to see his kids again.

He did not hear the train and certainly did not see it coming,he was killed on impact.

To this day i have no idea why he had this accident,everytime i cross the tracks there i am reminded.

Accidents do happen.

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14 hours ago, Golden Triangle said:

Seems like we're all in agreement then, the problem is the drivers & not the crossings,  now, what to do about them ?

Free  supply them with square  wheels

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14 hours ago, Kwasaki said:

I'm lost for words, when driving a car you give way to the bigger vehicle is much the norm, why on earth cannot someone see a train coming or some railway lines. 

The answer lies in the video of the bus accident. The bus driver had the train on his left. The driver sits on the right. Also the bus was full so there may have been people etc obstructing the drivers (poor) field of view to his left.

I haven’t seen a video of the second accident but I bet it was a similar scenario. Driver on the right, train on the left.


We have the same Thing in aviation. The pilot sits on the left. Guess which side always collides with instructions when taxying...yep it’s the right wing.


But then... TiT! 

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Thais are slow learners particularly where Health & Safety rules are concerned.  The 42 seater bus mentioned above had 80 passengers aboard!  No wonder its undercarriage got stuck on the crossing.  Will anyone be prosecuted for selling 40 surplus tickets?

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