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Chula virologist unravels mystery of global Covid death tolls

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So the US death toll is high because of high median age, while the Japan death toll is very low, despite the high median age,   The only mystery revealed here is that the guy wanted his 5 mi

Aaaargh, it's 'im!   This time he's doing no more than quoting well-known statistics and theories. Hardly unravelling a mystery is it?

Well, that's interesting to see China where the virus emerged from has a very low death rate. Could that be because of a cover up.

2 minutes ago, ukrules said:

This is hardly the 'great unraveling' I expected - he read a couple of charts, that is all.


He should go on to explain why, no matter, I'll summarise :


To me it appears that the more successful a country is at keeping its elderly people alive into very old age - the more deaths there will be from COVID.


This is something that most of Asia really sucks at, they die much younger - this is the reason for the 'great Asian success' - they're already dead due to constant neglect throughout their lives.



you may, to an extent, have a point, however 'asia' is too general as Japan has a large percentage of the population in old age, and i'd suspect korea too. but in developing asian countries for sure there are not the medical facilities and expertise, or investment (?) in healthcare for the elderly. i'd also argue many who live with underlying medical conditions in the west dont, unfortunately,  have that opportunity in many asian countries.

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31 minutes ago, Guderian said:

Does anybody actually believe that the Indian and Chinese statistics are an accurate reflection of the reality?

Does anybody actually believe that any/most statistics are an accurate reflection of the reality?

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59 minutes ago, poskat said:

the median age in both the US and china is 38 years old

median age in thailand is 39

Average age of death........

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