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Two Thais test positive for COVID-19 in Mae Sot

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Two Thais test positive for COVID-19 in Mae Sot




Two Thais, a husband and wife, have tested positive for COVID-19 in Mae Sot, Tak province.

The couple had been contact with an infected truck driver who had travelled to the province from Myanmar.

The infections are Thailand’s first domestic transmissions in more than one month.

This is a developing news story. This post may be updated without warning.


Source: https://www.bangkokbiznews.com/news/detail/902995



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Miraculously, when politically convenient, the "government" can find cases.

That's just not true for testing anybody that asks to be tested.  I was at BNH Hospital at the end of August for a full day of screening during which I also obtained my Flu shot.  I specifically asked

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4 minutes ago, pjmorton said:

My wife is immune compromised due to chemotherapy. Last week I requested a test after returning from a week of domestic travel and some crowded meetings, just a
precaution... The private hospital I went to was happy to provide one, for 7200 baht. Probably would have been different at a public hospital.

Glad she was able to get one, but then I am sure because of her immune system issues that is why they tested and you were probably insistent that they test.  Tell me if different, and all you did was ask and they tested.  If so I might want to visit that hospital instead of my private hospital.

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