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Rock Bouncing, Is it a thing in Thailand ?

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3 hours ago, phantomfiddler said:

Why don,t they just get out and walk ? Must be quicker !

You missed the point.  It is the thrill of taking your time and rock climbing with your rig to make it to the top.  There are stretches where you have spotters assisting you in placement so you don't have an oops and end up upside down, but then some do....lol.  You pick it up roll it Over and try again with a few dents and such.

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22 minutes ago, charliebadenhop said:

Wow, $90,000 US.


Quite the toy!


Good on you!


estimate only, 3 million is very conservative.

In the USA that 3 million would get a rolling chassis with probably another 3 million needed for the drivetrain but I would do as much local as I could and would obviously not be looking at a full comp spec USA bouncer.


First vid with Tim Cameron filmed in 2011.... would be little change from 200k (USD) in that rig.










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Can you imagine the scams if business's popped up renting these things?   Although the claims of damage would be far more believable than with a jet ski. 

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