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Brexit brinkmanship: Johnson says prepare for no-deal, cancels trade talks

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20 hours ago, david555 said:

Here read this then you know little bit more about Mr Orban ..... the fact why he is vetoing and E,U. putting him under suspicion as E.U. money is wrong used ...... (seems to happen now in U.K. too with those Covid 19 needs ordered to friends from certain politician(s) ) 🤭 to deliver,


Pot calling kettle, I believe the EU have not produced any audit of their accounts yet......

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There will be no downside to Brexit, only considerable upside. David Davis   The day after we vote to leave we hold all the cards and can choose the path we want. Michael Gove

Why should the EU negotiate with an ex-member, that voted to leave ? They should let Britain stand outside in the cold for twenty or twenty-five years. Then maybe let them back in, if they ask nicely.

Hilarious so if  those 27  countries  all had an 3  trillion economy it should   be  81   trillion instead of the paltry 18.4  trillion

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39 minutes ago, placeholder said:

That wasn't me. But I don't see what jurisdiction has to do with supporting these 2 violators of democratic norms. They're the ones making it an issue.


Who said I support them.


I was simply making a point that the EU couldn't instigate a budget and recovery fund, in reply to Davi555's crowing that the UK was mired in debt.

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4 hours ago, david555 said:

It is not crowing it is just mentining a fact .....


Strange you understand sometimes my bad English ....and when the topic is embarrasing ...then a sudden not ....😁

End game coming close  brexiteers ...getting nervous ...? Your vote won ...so now enjoy it living under it ..🤗 .





I live in Thailand, so not really my problem, certainly no nerves.

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1 hour ago, Tofer said:


I live in Thailand, so not really my problem, certainly no nerves.

Congratulations ...you understand my bad (that's true anyway 😉) English now ...your IQ is improving it seems 😁

Not your problem ...but it make you buzzy reacting anyway...


BTW  I am also living Thailand but does not stop me E.U. 's case concerning  .....

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9 hours ago, david555 said:

Intersting news for the Irish.....they dont feel abanded nor isolated after brexit...👍





Brexit: New ferry freight route opens between France and Ireland


Alessio Perrone

45 minutes ago


A new freight ferry route linking Ireland and France will open after the end of the Brexit transition period, offering “direct and paperless transport between EU countries”.

DFDS, a Danish international shipping and logistics company, said Friday that it would start operating sailings on the route between Dunkirk and Rosslare on 2 January 2021.


The company said that the move is expected to reduce companies’ dependence on the UK land bridge and create new trade opportunities within the EU’s single market.











Looks like a bit of a circular route,fares are going to be a bit trumpy,lets see how long that lasts.

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8 minutes ago, david555 said:

So does the "solution " .... just bypass "the inflictors " of brexit....🤗

Nice solution avoiding the ( censored... ) 😉 of Kent  


What got censored? The m 20?









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