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Brexit brinkmanship: Johnson says prepare for no-deal, cancels trade talks

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13 hours ago, elliss said:


     Just make sure , the lower caste in the UK , on benefits / zero hours .

     Can still purchases  affordable  imported food , from the EU,,  Aldi and Lidl .


They only exist / survive through the EU's protectionism. Let's see how they compete when we're trading on an open world market for ourselves. Unless, of course, they also avail themselves of the opportunity to buy products cheaper from elsewhere from their UK based businesses, unencumbered by the EU rules and regulations. Double standards perhaps?

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There will be no downside to Brexit, only considerable upside. David Davis   The day after we vote to leave we hold all the cards and can choose the path we want. Michael Gove

Why should the EU negotiate with an ex-member, that voted to leave ? They should let Britain stand outside in the cold for twenty or twenty-five years. Then maybe let them back in, if they ask nicely.

Hilarious so if  those 27  countries  all had an 3  trillion economy it should   be  81   trillion instead of the paltry 18.4  trillion

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15 hours ago, stretch5163 said:

My God someone with common sense and i applaud you. We never had this many problems when we werent in the EU before and this would be the best solution.


Only thing i would change is f*** closing the tunnel blow it up cut all ties.


Why are you tired of the UK its not as if your from the UK and its not as if you have to give a toss about what the UK does.


Does it affect you in any way or are you just retarded in saying your tired of the UK. Who really gives a toss if your tired of the UK.....lol clown.


Out of curiosity where you from then ? Probably Russia or the Eastern Block ? Humour me with an answer lol.

Noooo, still laughing at your post....😂

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15 hours ago, dimitriv said:


No, I am tired of the UK and their populism. 


In my home country they try not to broadcast television interviews with Trump, because most people will zapp away and continue looking at another channel. This costs money, it's a waste of money for television channels. Less viewers, less income from advertisements. 


Same happens now with Johnson. Most people put him on par with Trump. Simply disgusting.


I would really prefer to block the UK completely. Nothing in, nothing out. Cancel all flights, forbid any financial transactions. Let them live on their island and trade with other countries.




Sounds like you have been burned, or are going to be burned by the UK's exit.....🤭

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14 hours ago, Matzzon said:

If you are leaving the EU, just do that. If you wish a trade deal with the EU, then you will have to meet their demands. You wanted out, and now you have that result. Deal with it, and stop the whining. Go without a deal if you not want to meet the demands. Who do you think suffer most? UK or EU?

I think you are out of your depth sunbeam......🤫

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13 hours ago, Matzzon said:

What do you mean with no substance? As you make your bed.......and so on. Yes, you have left.

So, did you think that the EU needs you, and you would be treated like kings and be welcomed without demands? Hilarious! Just live with your decision and stop complain!


That´s your bed at the moment. Not so soft, and not so comfortable, right?

Your UK envy is showing....😘

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8 hours ago, Hi from France said:

For those of you who have time 


I'm watching the parliamentary

Brexit Environment Sub-Committee




As you can see, the Brexit situation whether there is a deal or not is deeply worrying 

After watching the intro and when you get bored, you can skip: 10:54 is particularly interesting. There are talking about replicating REACH in Britain, and this is simply not feasible on a market one-tenth the size of the UE. 


Yet you cannot do without it. 


Likewise, the UK will loose the benefits 20 regulatory agencies (the country used to host drugs and banking, but there are many more). 


I was quite surprised to see the UK "slam the door" here and I think it is inevitable that it comes back in order to mutualize what a single country cannot afford. 



As you know, we already incorporate REACH legislation into our systems so I do not understand why we have to change it. ALl that is needed is for companies to keep up with EU policy changes if they are to continue trading. His comment on Tarriffs is sound but all companies are in the same boat at the moment.


The Government hasn't slammed the door, merely left it ajar.


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1 minute ago, Matzzon said:

Don´t worry! Your evidence will come in about 3 years. Then you will know how misguided you were today. 🙂 

Really, how do you know that........?

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1 minute ago, vogie said:

Their is no context to include them, Bulldog Breed is directed to the British so pray tell how is it insulting you, same goes for sunbeam. And bearing in mind you consistantly refer to our PM as a moron, you are fooling no one with your faux outrage.

I am referring to a third person. That´s a difference. The other is against forum rules.

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8 hours ago, Matzzon said:

Why would it be an insult? You started to question me if I had OD:ed on a old brand of mashed potato.......? Then I answer no, and that what I post is something that is becoming a fat reality for you. If living in reality is an insult to you, it seems like you share that with many Brits.

More of the same...oh well.

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