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Brexit brinkmanship: Johnson says prepare for no-deal, cancels trade talks

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6 minutes ago, vogie said:

"a phrase used to refer to British people in general, and especially to British soldiers. The bulldog, a strong British dog with a large head and short thick neck and legs, is traditionally used to represent qualities that some people liked to think were typically British, such as courage, loyalty and determination."


However you want to spin it, it is not an insult.

I didn't say it was an insult, i said that it was jingoistic.

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There will be no downside to Brexit, only considerable upside. David Davis   The day after we vote to leave we hold all the cards and can choose the path we want. Michael Gove

Why should the EU negotiate with an ex-member, that voted to leave ? They should let Britain stand outside in the cold for twenty or twenty-five years. Then maybe let them back in, if they ask nicely.

Hilarious so if  those 27  countries  all had an 3  trillion economy it should   be  81   trillion instead of the paltry 18.4  trillion

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1 hour ago, Chelseafan said:


As you know, we already incorporate REACH legislation into our systems so I do not understand why we have to change it. ALl that is needed is for companies to keep up with EU policy changes if they are to continue trading.



Launching a separate REACH system for the UK is just nonsense and it cannot be done whatever politicians in power today in the UK pretend. It just cannot be done. 


Maybe you watched the sequence when the enquiry of the Environment Sub-Committee discuss the consequences for Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland remains within the UE REACH system so one question was "should we move our chemical industry to northern ireland" ? 




If you ask me, I have no problem giving the brits access to the wealth of databases and standard produced by the UE Agencies, but I would definitely oppose giving them a "free ride", i.e. using it without paying the just price. I would also refuse to give the UK any power to block or jam our processes like they sometimes did in the past. 








The Government hasn't slammed the door, merely left it ajar.

On the European agencies, AFAIK, the brits want more to set up their own systems (calling it like "freedom from slavery"), although they absolutely cannot do without some of them mostly European Aviation Safety Agency and Euratom Supply Agency


...the "left it ajar" thing is Gove backpedaling yesterday on the inevitable continuation of negociations, in line with the theatrical "Brexit deadlines" these last years

Capture d’écran 2020-10-19 084408.jpg

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Most of the last three pages have been removed, a process that took considerable time and effort.

I could easily waste the next two hours dishing out warnings for the off topic, trolling and insult trading that has been going on.

Quit it NOW and stay on topic, without the personal comments.

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13 hours ago, RayC said:

A case which went to the WTO and where Airbus has respected the decision against it.



And why not? It is the EU single market. An EU company/ state operating in the UK would be judged according to UK law.

Exactly. We're not a state in the EU anymore, or had that slipped your notice.

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2 minutes ago, david555 said:

Simpel answer is just to leave if not agree on it ....not that difficult i would say , if not like it, now it looks like U.K. is forcing a deal out of E.U. they can not agree on .....consequenses why a "divorce "is done !!

Understand your side , so also understand also our side


....conclusion as it stands now (and 4 years already )....no deal seems the only possible outcome !!!








Another obscure response, that doesn't address the question, i.e. that's not an answer, it's just pontificating.


Let me try and put it more simply.


1). How do you justify demanding control of rules, laws and territorial waters of an independent country?


2). Which other country has the EU imposed such conditions on in their trade agreements. 

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