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Brexit brinkmanship: Johnson says prepare for no-deal, cancels trade talks

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There will be no downside to Brexit, only considerable upside. David Davis   The day after we vote to leave we hold all the cards and can choose the path we want. Michael Gove

Why should the EU negotiate with an ex-member, that voted to leave ? They should let Britain stand outside in the cold for twenty or twenty-five years. Then maybe let them back in, if they ask nicely.

Hilarious so if  those 27  countries  all had an 3  trillion economy it should   be  81   trillion instead of the paltry 18.4  trillion

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MAC makeup makes up more of economy than bloody fish.


Worst still the little fish we catch in the UK, we ship to Europe anyways. 


Fish make up 0.05% of our economy.


Get the hell out of town with this nonsense. 


As for state subsidies - it's almost laughable. The UK government over the course of the last 50 years has been one of the lowest state subsidised countries in the world. Compared to Germany or France the UK subsidises companies about 60% less. Again, it's a completely bizarre notion.


Rishi Sunak, the UK chancellor, said him sitting in a office was no way he could delegate which companies to subsidise. Yet we are meant to believe Dominic Cummings has a plan to subsidize robotos, etc - GET THE HELL OUT OF TOWN.


Supposed trade deal with the US will be over if Biden wins - especially if we break the Ireland deal. 


If we break the agreement we signed up for Northern Ireland we are even more screwed with the US and EU.


These xenophobes should be happy they have cut out of free movement. Now they are obsessed with fish. They won't stop till the whole economy has collapsed and we turn in to Khemer Rouge Cambodia, attempting to grow our own crops and become self sufficient. 




I sit with these immigrants in Thailand who feel they are shielded from any hurt. Yet the UK Pound will fall close to 20% more if there is no deal. Ridiculous !!!!


I still see no upsides to all this madness. Granted we have stopped immigration, and i'd say to at least 95% of those who voted Brexit that was the main issue. Now we got that. Now what - what do we hope to achieve?

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2 hours ago, Victornoir said:

As said before, fishing is Macron's bait to get no-deal.

Apart from certain German manufacturers, the EU has no advantage in a trade agreement with its former outgoing partner. The objective is to take over the European part of UK financial activities, to eliminate a car competitor and to tax all UK exports.

In the other way, imports will also be taxed but it is the British consumer who will pay.

I also believe that Barnier had no-deal as unofficially mission and that he brilliantly achieved his goal.

It is not often that I agree with you (you may have noticed!) but I think that you have called this one right!


I would go on to say that if/when the European part of the UK's financial business is won by Paris or Frankfurt (and there will be a most entertaining fight to watch over just who gets it) whoever wins that one will doubtless then tax the living daylights out of it!


Whilst you may also be right about eliminating competition for certain (German) industries, tarriffs may well lead the British consumers to go elsewhere to buy things. That may cost those industries a substantial market! A little bit of cutting off ones nose to save ones face? But then M. Barnier is a Gaullist politician, and they have been doing that for the last 70 years!

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2 hours ago, vogie said:

No mention of the French fishermen that will lose their jobs I see, you know the ones that Macron promised to protect. The problem with Macron that his arrogance and his ego is bigger than the Eiffel Tower.

I my god !...what a hurted ego now 🙄 as E.U. dare to say NO !  to the Albion ...😏



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2 hours ago, BritManToo said:

The Germans weren't happy with us since we beat Hitler.

The French weren't happy with us since we beat Napoleon.

The Spanish weren't happy with us since we sunk their Armada.


We've had similar problems with the Dutch and Portuguese .......

Let's face it, they were never really our friends and the UK should never have entered into any deals with them. 

Whilst I think that you may be somewhat over the top in going back to Napoleon, let alone the Dutch and the Portuguese (who are actually this countries oldest allies) I think that there is quite a lot of resentment over the UK in alone amongst the European Nations in standing up to the Germans in the last century, and being neither defeated or coming to an "accommodation" with the Third Reich, and in the major role which it played in liberating Western Europe, along with the subsequent effort  (and costs) which it spent over the next 3 decades in defending Western Europe from the threat of Soviet aggression. That resentment colours much of the European approach to the UK, as it does the UKs reaction to a "United Europe".

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1 hour ago, luckyluke said:

A personal opinion/approach of the situation, which some in the U.K. and even in the E.U., agree with.


However, there are some in the U.K. & E.U. with a different opinion/approach.

In my world, one opinion has no less or more value than another.


I experienced regularly however in my life ( I am from 1948 ) that some consider their opinion as superior, and/or their approach of a situation as the only correct one.


And with that you were saying what in regard to the information you quoted?

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