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Brexit brinkmanship: Johnson says prepare for no-deal, cancels trade talks

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1 hour ago, Matzzon said:

Still have to help you understand. I am not twisting anything. You are in denial regarding the meaning of the word assume. Let´s Google it:

Below, copies from Google:
suppose to be the case, without proof.
"it is reasonable to assume that such changes have significant social effects" 

So, now when that is cleared. The only thing you possibly could have done in you post where you wrote that it "should not be of any concern to you" as well as that I was doing something "from across the channel" without having any facts or proof regarding that whatsoever, was that it was supposed to be the case. In other words: You assumed!

Also my post does not show that I am anti-British at all. From a patriots side, I assume, it might be mistaken for that. However,  the fact is: I can´t care less about the idiots and clowns that are running and devastating country after country and currency after currency around the whole globe. As long as I can see the right move before the house falls, I am happy! Makes my little world much less complicated and easier to live in. You should try it sometime. 🙂 

Black Angus by now?

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There will be no downside to Brexit, only considerable upside. David Davis   The day after we vote to leave we hold all the cards and can choose the path we want. Michael Gove

Why should the EU negotiate with an ex-member, that voted to leave ? They should let Britain stand outside in the cold for twenty or twenty-five years. Then maybe let them back in, if they ask nicely.

Hilarious so if  those 27  countries  all had an 3  trillion economy it should   be  81   trillion instead of the paltry 18.4  trillion

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1 minute ago, nauseus said:

Careful you don't burn yours steaks.

As usual you are a bit after. Referring to my earlier post.

1 hour ago, Matzzon said:

By the way, my steak came out perfect. Some of us can do more than one thing at the time.


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1 hour ago, sandyf said:

Your answer to onshore fishing is notable by it's absence.

Scotland needs to sell it's seafood to France and surprise surprise, when you try and sell it is normal to negotiate with the buyer.

Of course the mekon lurking in No 10 has no intention of supporting Scotland's interests and probably takes the view that decimating the onshore fishing industry would be a strategic move in taking back control, of Scotland.

No other English colony has been controlled by the natives, why should Scotland be any different.

Please change the record.....😬

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1 hour ago, Hi from France said:

As I understand it, this report is by the Scottish parliament,so I suppose you can find elements of answer there. 


As far as fetching other specific documents for you, I'm sorry I have to encourage you to do these research yourself and share them with us. 


This thread probably looks a bit like Brexit negotiations. The UK team is making demands to the UE team. If you want to enter constructive dialog, you can't just drop demands and complaints without any effort on your part. 


Have you not realised that any Scotch report on the matter means nothing? It's UK fish that Wee Burney has no control over. That's why your Auld Alliance plotting has to be held in secret.


Here's me thinking you were making your assertions on fish property based on some sort of factual basis. The same goes with your 'sale' of fishing quotas, which you are happy to parrot off, but don't really know exactly what is the sale or loan agreement. Did the UK government allocate quotas for ever and were the UK fishermen entitled to sell them forever, or are they only lent?


If you had some supporting documentation it might make your post look as if you had some idea of what you a trying to talk about.

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Boris Johnson WARNED: Farage promises he'll RESURRECT Brexit Party if UK caves to EU

NIGEL FARAGE has warned Boris Johnson he is ready to resurrect the Brexit Party if the UK compromises on a trade deal with the European Union.



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'EU nations queuing up to QUIT Brussels bloc!' Finnish MEP predicts Netherlands next to go

COUNTRIES are "queuing up" to quit the EU, with the Netherlands at the front and Finland not far behind, a Finnish MEP has claimed, suggesting there is "no future" for the bloc in its current guise.

PUBLISHED: 10:43, Thu, Oct 22, 2020 | UPDATED: 14:16, Thu, Oct 22, 2020
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1 hour ago, Surelynot said:

More project Fear from the leftwing Times

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 13.24.35.png


Not a lot to fear in there, mostly looking good for the UK actually.

They managed to slip in a “Almost certainly price rises..” but that’s Remainers writing for you.  

Roll on January 1.

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