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"The Stranded": Highlighting the plight of expats unable to return to Thailand; #2 Retirees

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If you are writing these stories to get my sympathy, it is not working.  I have a some sympathy for anyone who left in 2019, but it ends there. If you left this year, could you not have foreseen how t

A slight nuance to the earlier post #1 teachers.  Whilst I see that TVF and Rooster are doing so in good faith and with compassion, to try and make those of us who might be living under a large rock,(

Since your crystal ball gazing is so great I assume you win the lottery every time! FYI the US for example did not impose travel restrictions on non US citizens until 31 Jan 2020.  How could y

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1 hour ago, Peter Denis said:

Strange that the article does not mention that there is now a relatively easy solution for all 3 cases.  All of them can now apply for a 1-year Non Imm O-A Visa which would allow them to get the COE to return to Thailand.

Yes, I read that too. But if you have a year contract rent, you keep on paying, while not be able to go back to your place. Like said very well above, buying has more risks, then renting here. It not means if you rent, it is not your home. 

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