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Open up Pattaya to foreign tourists NOW! Russians/Europeans are willing to quarantine, say tourism leaders

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I seriously doubt legit tourists would be prepared to do quarantine. Expats living/working here ...... maybe. People with properties/families ........ maybe. Criminals/illegal workers .

Very few tourists will be willing to jump over the onerous hoops this stunningly uncreative administration is putting forth. Perhaps a few thousand per year. Expats, yes. Tourists, no. Dumb and dumber

With the baht getting stronger every day why would anybody want to come here as a tourist and lose money and quarantine for fourteen days at their expense .

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2 hours ago, sungod said:

Why not, if I was in the UK and wanted to see 3 or 4 months of the winter out here, I wouldnt hesitate if allowed.

You've answered the question yourself !  Extreme case.  Very few regular tourists go for 3-4 months in one hit.

Myself and a few friends with similar trip counts of between 150-200 + but none of us go for that in one period of time

Cumulatively yes annually, but not single trips

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4 hours ago, rooster59 said:

The message to Sontaya Khunpleum was open up now or face more collapse

how can something collapse more if it already has collapsed to the ground?

Ohh I get it! You mean it can go further down 6 feet under ground...

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3 hours ago, spidermike007 said:

Free testing upon arrival. You are negative. You have been subjected to two different tests, using two completely different systems. You are healthy. You are free to go, and please spend alot of money here, so you can help to revive our devastated economy, and put some people back to work.

If positive then what? Spend even more money in quarantine or will this be covered by the insurance scheme?

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