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MBK: Rebranding as a shopping center for Thais - not foreigners!

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I always thought it was more a Thai shopping center everytime I've been there it's full of students, not that Im complaining 

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I was at MBK last month and they were having a huge casting session for girl Kpop bands.  There were hundreds of girls running around in Cosplay outfits dressed like cats.    Filled up

Makes sense without any foreigners left or expected to come back anytime soon.

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On 10/17/2020 at 2:45 PM, sanuk711 said:

They had better lower their food prices then, especially (I think the one on  the ) on the 5th floor, where you get the card and pay on exit.........




The food on level 5 has been moved to level 6 and the shops on 6 are being moved down to level 3 next month. Many shops are leaving instead of moving from what we heard a couple of days ago.

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18 hours ago, Jack Hna said:

Absolute waste of space that place. Full of fake stuff and stinking arabs


Racism is ALWAYS necessary !

The world would be better and cleaner if this rule was applied by most !


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