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Is now a good time to buy a condo in Bangkok?

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Tell that to all the foreign guys that bought, and can't get back into the country. 10MBht as a gift for a Thai chick  ..... you'd have to be bonkers.

OP, it really comes down to personal circumstances. Is your 10m baht currently getting a return, what is the current exchange rate for your home currency, how much rent would you save over the 5-10 ye

YES! Now is the time to buy. The economy stands in front of total devastation, probable upcoming revolution in the near future and many people leaving Thailand.   So, if you want to pay as m

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9 minutes ago, Dart12 said:

FYI, about $35,000 usd can buy you online ecom stores generating $2500/mn profits.

~90% annual ROI! sounds too good to be true...

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15 minutes ago, onebir said:

~90% annual ROI! sounds too good to be true...

Like anything, buyer beware and know how to look under the hood.

and remember, it's a form of retail, so eventually you need to know when to pivot after life cycles slow slow or. die.

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5 hours ago, smutcakes said:

Agree, there will always be demand for certain condos, think Park Chidlom, Millenium, Domus, Kallista Mansion, Somkid Gardens etc. I don't think Icon Siam is that great an example as I don't believe they have sold particularly well. Wrong side of the river, on a congested road having to take even more congested roads into and away from the city everyday. I think its also leasehold, which puts some people off.


Also agree with your second paragraph, although i would never want to buy one of those anyway, on the outskirts of town especially as an investment, ok if you want to live there. My rule of thumb is only buy somewhere i would be happy to live in, as if everything goes tits up that might be your fall back.

You may be right about Ikon. However, I never underestimate the effectiveness of marketing and the association with a highly prestigious brand. Alot of billionaires seem willing to throw $10 million at a seventh home in an exotic locale. 


Having said that, Thailand has more black eyes at the moment, than Roberto Duran has at the end of his career. Anything may be a tough sell right now. 

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