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MRT & BTS Shutdown today, Saturday 17/10/2020

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Why would we risk being arrested and deported from the country.  We are not Thai citizens, and why risk an expulsion.  We can lend our support and our views here until we get removed by other sources.

Not the few folks I talked to, they blame the Government on being heavy handed.  However, it is not stopping the protestors as they are arriving by the car load or truckload and being dropped off on s

People power, good to see. I think Bang Na intersection is now closed by protesters.

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The topic of the thread here is the ongoing rail line/transit closures and travel impacts.


It would be best to keep political and other off-topic discussions out of this thread, including because political posts are NOT supposed to be made in the "General topics" subforum.


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Seems like most of the BTS and MRT might remain unscathed today (Monday) for the commute home...


The protest leaders appear to have announced just several outlying protest locations for this evening in BKK -- the Bangkok special prison, Public Health Ministry Station on the MRT Purple Line, and the Kaset intersection.






Nothing from the BTS about Monday closures as of 4:30 pm.  Also nothing from the MRT as of the same time, despite the listing of one of their stations as a protest area.




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