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5 minutes ago, Chris.B said:

However, could a government savings bank fail?

Question is, would the Thai government stop it from failing?


5 minutes ago, Chris.B said:

Would Thailand allow that?

Would the Thai government even care about it?  It's a military government.  


6 minutes ago, Chris.B said:

Perhaps it safer then the private banks.

Perhaps it's safe outside of Thailand and not betting on Thai banks and the Thai government.  Yes, it is a gamble.  You are betting on Thai banks and the Thai government with your money.  

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Anyone keeping large sums of money in Thailand is nothing short of an idiot.

I believe this has been delayed.   It's deposit insurance. If they go bankrupt then you get a maximum of 1 million Baht back via the insurance scheme.   If you have a balance of 10

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