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Country lockdown is more harmful than good?

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3 hours ago, CanadaSam said:

In this short video, the special envoy from the World Health Organization is pleading to countries to end lockdowns, but the world is doing the opposite!


What's going on?


Since your post is obviously not referring to Thailand, where there aren't any CV lockdowns at present, I'm assuming you're talking about elsewhere in "the world."


My answer to your question would be, various countries and jurisdictions are having to impose lockdowns to stem rising tides of CV cases because too many of their deluded citizens have refused to take/accept more modest and sensible precautions like wearing masks and social distancing.


So, those folks aren't willing to do the easy things, they're going to end up with the harder things.


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2 hours ago, scammed said:

politicians around the world can be said to have waged war on their own national economy,

except for one who was against it from the beginning. 

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1 hour ago, dimitriv said:

Do you trust the WHO ? 
Do you trust Dr. Nabarro?


Thousands of experts, and they all say something different.


The arguments he uses are also not applicable for most countries.
Tourism in the Caribbean?  I couldn't care less.
Poverty levels? Child malnutrition?  I see nothing of that in my home country.


What I miss in the whole Covid discussion is that our fundamentals are wrong. 7.7 billion people on our earth, that's 6 billion too many.


This year there is Covid, next year there will be something different. We're not getting rid of this. Spreading diseases through overpopulation, our wanderlust. Our overpopulation is destroying the earth. And now we're destroying ourselves too.


Covid is just the beginning 😱 💀






I'm having similar thoughts on the whole situation. 


As the country, China, where the virus originated, had not many cases than the US, it raises a few dire questions. 


You do not have to be a rocket scientist from Isaan ( Bangfai professional) to understand that all these lockdowns and businesses that go bankrupt will be replaced by- well, perhaps- Chinese ones? 


Are they so mad to let Chinese people in first, considering that the roots of the virus were found in China and not in any other country? I'm afraid that they are.  


And you're so right that what we now see as a huge problem is only the tip of the iceberg, the beginning of a super virus or quite a few of them, which then mutates into something that nobody understands—one step forward, three steps back.


Isn't that how a majority of us live these days?


How can you plan anything for the future if not even a simple flight is bookable without many questions? Chaos is everywhere and not just at hospitals.


Here, some businesses had to close, and many people have no money to buy food. 

I've seen some people here who were begging for money, and they didn't look like the usual Lhao Kao guys.


The rich people don't even pay into social security, nor do they pay any tax. But that's worldwide the same "phenomenal." 


The rich eat the poor, and the middle-class gently disappears. 


 Only one year ago, life was way more livable; right now, the whole world has gone crazy, not just under a lockdown.


 The crazy can stay in power because more important issues have to be solved, and the poor people are getting poorer without light at the end of the tunnel of hopeless dreams. 


 There's a method to the madness.



Atomic Clown Bomb.jpg

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56 minutes ago, Lacessit said:

What lockdown? I shop, play golf, swim, eat in various restaurants, meet friends, travel anywhere within Thailand. Sure, I have to wear a mask and have my temperature taken if I go to a supermarket, no big deal.

IMO it's the countries who did not lock down and tried to keep their economies open that have the high numbers of deaths per million population and active cases. There's no evidence their economies are doing any better.

Countries like the UK that were allowing unfettered entry of over 20,000 people from all over the world everyday without so much as a temperature check until mid July are now paying the price. WHO...they did nowt to stop this mess and any statement from them deserves to go in one ear and out the other.

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21 minutes ago, teacherclaire said:

As the country, China, where the virus originated, had not many cases than the US, it raises a few dire questions. 


i see a lotta sorta questions, but not the important one.  if the virus originated in china, if china was ground zero, WHY were there so few cases there, especially as compared to the usa?


you could also ask how they were able to get through the pandemic, restart their economy, and actually have a positive GDP this year.


much of the country was under lockdown for a considerable time, strictness of lockdown depending on infection rate in affected regions.  and months after the lockdown was lifted, districts or entire cities can be locked down in the event of just a few local transmissions.


the point of the who announcement was that lockdowns are not the solution.  they just provide space to get the virus contained, and give time to change behaviors to prevent spreading.

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1 hour ago, kenk24 said:

I think I might have slept through them... 


    You have a Kindle ...

    Sleep well .

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