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Thai Tourism and Sports Ministry expects 400 foreign visitors in early November

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Crikey. 400 tourists. Praise Budha! Thailand is saved!      

What's happened to the private jet that was supposed to be turning up as well .. must be on it's 10th lap of the globe by now ..  Watch out for headline " Chinese investors private jet crashes af

"tourists understand that Thailand does not tolerate violence."  555 Will this be the joke of the week!

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48 minutes ago, hotchilli said:

I hope the transport minister has laid on extra trains & coaches to ship all the "service workers" back to Bangkok.

Apparently they did that a few weeks ago calling the workers back and that did not go down to well as many bookings were cancelled

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On 10/16/2020 at 12:36 PM, Max69xl said:

"He didn't mean to steal it and has prove that it was misunderstanding."

How did he prove it was a misunderstanding and to whom? Who did he steal from? From a shop or a person? Why didn't he try to make a deal with the person who accused him of stealing before it went to court? 

He? You mean YOU...   😉

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20 minutes ago, Peter Denis said:

Thailand had 39,8 MILLION visitors in 2019, that's more than 100.000 PER DAY.

And now the arrival of 400-800 visitors over a 2-week period is headline News?

Guess he meant it as a 'there is light at the end of tunnel' message, but a 10 watt bulb at the end of a 10 mile tunnel is not very inspiring...

Peter, you don't understand.


Before it was 100,000 a day. What are the zeros? Zero is nothing;

Take it as 1


Now, they bring in 400 a day. Again Zero is zero.

4 is more then 1


His maths skills are right.

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