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Twitter raps Trump COVID-19 adviser as U.S. cases rise

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Nothing to do with 'whether you agree', but with 'you're spreading lies threatening our health'.

Whereas big pharma, defence industries, oil and other 'big' groups are ok because they picked your side?   "The national strategy is to manage the virus while staying open and not ruining th

Imo failing to practice safe protocols in the face of the pandemic is heinous I wish laws existed to force compliance for the good of the majority scoffing at safe protocols from leadership imo is ine

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3 hours ago, steelepulse said:

If you look at all the studies of whether these normal masks work to stop the spread of a virus this small before the "pandemic" hit, you would see what the vast majority stated.  No, they do not work to stop the spread is what the majority of studies showed.  There's facts, then there's rewritten history to manipulate the population.

Flu Bots need to disappear 

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5 minutes ago, Thingamabob said:

There's hardly a government anywhere that is not being blamed for mishandling the covid crisis, not only the USA.

 The U.S. has just done it better (better at being horrible) than almost anywhere else...


It didn't have to be that way, had the country had competent leadership that paid attention to science and medical experts, and helped the general public to buy into what needed to be done...


But instead, the U.S. gets the orange plague.

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10 hours ago, Mama Noodle said:


Its so patently obvious that twitter is all of a sudden starting to overtly censor, and the motivations are political. The left will cheer, obviously, but all it does is create the Streisand effect. 


Big tech needs to either be broken up, or forced to quit picking sides and being blatantly political. 


Its a monopoly over the internet and social media, and everyone on the internet should be allowed to be in the "public conversation" regardless of wether you agree or not. 



The national strategy is to manage the virus while staying open and not ruining the country

Cool. Good strategy. 

The country is partially closed, the country is partially ruined. 


When does the manage the virus part start? 

Or has it already started and nobody noticed? 

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I think that Trump is a closet, anti-masker, who only puts it on briefly at best.

  His followers seem to be mostly anti-maskers, and a bit anti-intelligent as 


   Come on November 3rd, and bye bye Trump.     If this guy gets back in, well

America, I guess you will indeed either have a government that cheated completely

to get back in, or a government that you deserve.     Vote Biden, he is unfortunately

the only other choice you have unless you vote in the Rhino party, or some other fringe 

party to run the USA.


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18 hours ago, webfact said:

Twitter on Sunday removed a "misleading" tweet downplaying the efficacy of masks posted by a top coronavirus adviser to President Donald Trump


top "coronavirus" advisor?


you mean the radiologist with no epidemigogical experience?  the tinfoil underpantsist who got hired simply for parroting trump's favorite pandemic misinformation on faux news?


so, baldrick, do you have another cunning plan that cannot fail?

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