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Impact of protests on THB vs Dollar & Sterling

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With economic factors here not looking so good and people having a hard time feeding themselves, it is unfortunate that the Thai Baht is still flying high making the costs for some more as well as the

My guess is that Sterling is more likely to strengthen a tad if all the panicked predictions about Brexit turn out to be exaggerated. Also, there is a reasonable possibility that the Cambridge / As

Expect deflation world wide. USA dollar could collapse next year. Buy Chinese yuan.

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19 minutes ago, Poet said:

My impression is that the markets have already factored in a Biden win, it won't make the dollar drop much.


Well, everyone thought Hillary was gonna win last time too. Thats the issue. Nobody can reliably predict what's going to happen. 


Im leaning towards doing a transfer wise soon, over the next few days when it looks like the dollar is strongest. 

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UK: BREXIT and Covid...


USA: Trump, Covid and Election...


No surprise our home currencies can't even muster a whimper against the baht given current political unrest

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Actually the THB is getting stronger against Sterling,what is

it going to take,nothing seems to affect the THB,Amazing Thailand.


regards worgeordie



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