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"The Stranded": Highlighting the plight of expats unable to return to Thailand; #3 Charity workers and volunteers

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26 minutes ago, connda said:

Lord - what a racket.  Thanks for the info.  That's enlightening

I should have added that it is a 15month visa/extension after the agent has received the money not the standard 12month and NO visit to Imm.

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As someone who spends a lot of time doing voluntary work, but who receives very little thanks from the Thai authorities I understand how these people feel. I nearly went home in March but thankfully d

When is sexpats turn?

They put money which was donated in their own pocket? That's not volunteering, but working, could also be embezzlement if the donors aren't informed about it.

Posted Images

So many people want to be victims in this "me too" world.


What about all the people who were stranded in Thailand when the lockdown started? They were desperate to get back to their home countries but were stranded. Headlines were full of stories about people stranded in Thailand and Cambodia and New Zealand and .....and their governments weren't laying on flights to get them home. So governments laid on flights to get their stranded citizens back home.


And now the headlines are full of people stranded at home who cant get back to Thailand.


Are they the same people? Some people want to be victims all their lives.

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7 minutes ago, Ketyo said:

the government wasn't laying on flights to get them home

How could Thailand be responsible to fly people stranded in Thailand home if their home country has closed it's borders to them.

Nothing to do with Thailand-in that situation - all to do with the home country!

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The fact is immigration in this country is so complicated they have absolutely no idea how to unravel it. Besides they have bigger fish to fry right now. Sad to say can't see these people getting a fair shout families or not.

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12 hours ago, webfact said:

One such group are the large number of charitable volunteers who have striven to help Thailand in both official and semi-official capacities. Their help was courted and appreciated, now they feel unwanted, even discarded.

As much hatred over the years Thailand has been showing expats, what makes you think they would change during a time like this. I really hope the blindness of looking the other way is now coming to haunt you now.  

what their saying “No Money, No Honey”.

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20 minutes ago, Truth Will Set You Free said:

As much hatred over the years Thailand has been showing expats, what makes you think they would change during a time like this. I really hope the blindness of looking the other way is now coming to haunt you now.  

what their saying “No Money, No Honey”.

What "hatred". 

In over 25 years of experiencing Thailand I have never encountered any hatred, in fact I have only found the exact opposite.

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2 hours ago, kingofthemountain said:

The first question to ask is does Thailand need foreign volunteers?


i mean there is some problems to solve here in Thailand, but what are exactly

the problems that the Thai authorities or Thai private organisations can not handle

with Thai people?


If you look at the problem on this side, for the Thai authorities having to count on foreign volunteer from abroad

in Thailand to take care of Thai problems for the benefit of the Thai people is a huge lost of face for Thailand, Thai people

and particularly the Thai authorities


Yes Thailand does need volunteers ,that is how I first come to Thailand 25 years ago now ,complete with a 2-year visa and a pink ID card and 6k month salary, I was working with Thai dairy farmers trying to improve their milk quality ,they were 4-5 of us about the country doing the same job, a government back project 

Why could the Thai's not do it themselves ?, the main problem was the Thai lack good education and knowledge ,I knew more about dairy cows as a 17-year-old day release student than a Thai with their  degree,a recurring theme here on TV.it was not all rocket science just a simpley changing the milking routine helped, cleaning of all the milking equipment the right way helped. 

As for lose of face non where  I was, they were happy to take my advice, like I said it was a government back project , a lot  of farmers would not change their ways ,a friend of mine at one dairy co-op helped to increase the profit of his co-op ,by increasing the milk quality. 

I am still living in the same area ,and I still know some farmers ,some are still bodging away like they did then ,but some are taking on advice  and are doing all right .  

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2 hours ago, connda said:

We keep hearing that.  So point us to the statistics showing how little we contribute.

My guess is that the expat community as a whole who still reside in the country provide more in support of the Thai GDP than the hair-brained STV scheme is going to bring in over and equal amount of time.  Most of us are bringing upwards of 500T to 1M THB into the country in the form of foreign currency per year.  Given the entire community that isn't chump change. 

Thailand issued 80 000 retirments visas in 2018

i keep your number of 1 million thb\year bringing in the country

(imo it's much less than that, most of the retirees here are on a budget around 50000' months

hence the immigration requirment of 65000)

so 80 000 x 1 million= 80 billion thb


in 2018 the Thai GDP was 15 240 THB


so yes we can say the 80 billions (This number being the most optimist)

bring in the country by the retirees isn't chump change, you are right about it

but it's not an essential one, i am right about  it too


And the numbers are for 2018, for 2020 they are probably much worse than that

since the insurance requirment (A lot have left Thailand, unable to comply with the new rules)

Covid (A lot are unable to return here) and the natural extinction of an already aged population

(Not being remplaced in the same numbers by the newcomers)

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I invested 800,000b into a thai bank in 2019 just so I could obtain a O retirement Visa and stay in Thailand.

Now I am in the UK and waiting to return but "not allowed" but yet if I buy a O-A retirement Visa from UK i can return.

What is the reason behind this Money?

Why can't we return on our valid visa?

Has a O retirement Visa got Covis 19 written all over it?

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6 hours ago, maddermax said:

The authorities are stupid. We retired expats are providing the bulk of funding for the country right now. 

Is this really true/accurate?  I know there's a bloody wave of Brits, Americans, and others residing here, but "the bulk of funding"???  Can anyone please elucidate the rest of us - what are the numbers?  I hear this claim often online and suspect it's the lie that if repeated enough is treated as truth.  Lots of money?  Sure, no doubt.  THE BULK OF FUNDING FOR THE COUNTRY?????   Facts, please, that's all I ask.

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6 hours ago, kingofthemountain said:

i am afraid you greatly overestimate the weight of the retired expats contribution to Thailand global gdp

Tell that to the family i support. 60,000b monthly total is a fair sum for services and living expenses tgat thailand benefits from with just me alone.  That 60k in turn becomes disposable income passed down to to other thai in other sectors.   My money affects all.  

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