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Chinese tourist arrested for torturing cats on Koh Phi Phi

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Chinese tourist arrested for torturing cats on Koh Phi Phi



Picture: Daily News


Police on the tourist island of Koh Phi Phi  have arrested a 30 year old Chinese tourist who has been torturing stray cats. 


Hotel staff found a lot of blood and cats in the fridge. 


The suspect said he did it out of love for animals and that it wouldn't be illegal in China. 


Daily news called his behavior "the weirdest" in their headline. This appeared, if anything, to be something of an understatement.



Picture: Daily News


Lt-Col Thongchai Matitham of the Koh Phi Phi police said they had been contacted by Watchdog Thailand after they had received complaints from animal lovers.


Chee had been going about the island abducting stray cats and taking them to his room.


There he extracted their claws, muzzled them in cut off plastic bottles to stop them biting him, forced their legs together and kept them in the fridge. 


Before arresting him police discovered that Chee had arrived in Thailand on February 21st and got stranded in the country due to the pandemic. He arrived in Koh Phi Phi, Krabi, on October 5th and had stayed in three hotels since then.


Staff reported finding blood, claws, a load of cat hair and many cats in the fridge. 


On the suspect's phone were video clips of the shocking animal abuse. 



Picture: Daily News


Chee told investigators that he loved animals and was worried that the cats had nowhere to sleep so he put them in the fridge. The plastic bottles were necessary to protect against biting, he said. 


He was charged with cruelty to animals.


None of this would be illegal in China, he claimed, and he had no idea about the Thai law. 


Thaivisa notes that he is set to find out just how seriously the Thais take cruelty to animals. 


We will endeavor to follow up about the resolution to this case. 


Source: Daily News



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-10-19
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