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Tropical Storm Saudel Warning

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Because of the trolling of my previous topic I want to make it clear that this is a prediction of the formation of a possible tropical storm.    It is not my prediction I am just doing a hea

Thanks, please keep us informed....    

thank you NCC .... I downloaded windy.com early this morning on my mobile and was looking at all the wind directions and speeds down in the south pole.  very interesting. 

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Tropical Depression 19W is now Tropical Storm Saudel.


Mods can you change the title of this topic to:  Tropical Storm Saudel. Thank you.


Warning #05 Issued at 20/0300Z.


wp1920 (2).gif

abpwsair (4).jpg


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and now from Thai government weather. 


Weather Warning
"Category 3 Tropical Storm SAUDEL"

No. 1 Time Issued : October 21, 2020
     At 1.00 am on 21 October, the Category 3 tropical storm SAUDEL due east of the Philippines has moved into the middle South China Sea. The storm was centered at latitude 16.8 degrees north, longitude 119.7 degrees east with the maximum sustained winds about 65 km/hr. It is expected to make landfall over middle Vietnam from 24-25 October 2020 and rapidly downgrade into the low cell.
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Windy.com has a projection of yet another low following Saudel and it will hit the coast of Vietnam on 30/11. This graphic is a forecast of its position on 28/11. 




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2 minutes ago, Halfaboy said:

Looks like it will be bounced back by the coastline of Vietnam. Would that be possible ?

not sure if it will bounce back but the wind speed will be greatly decreased and the storm will possibly dump a lot of rain as it continues west. The low also draws moisture from all directions depending on conditions at that time. That is why it will rain in a place like Hua Hin because the low is drawing rain from the Andaman Sea. This just happened with a previous storm where the low entered the gulf.


It is very interesting to watch the nationwide composite radar loop as a low crosses Thailand because you can see all the rain slowly rotating around the low.


And also the interaction of other high and low pressure areas around Thailand on satellite. 


For Thailand these lows are about rain not so much about a tropical wind storm. 

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