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Windows 10 Reset, HD clean?

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>So the OP probably just wants to remove traces of his porn collection and torrent files Perhaps you are talking about yourself here.   I only download pictures of puppies and cup cakes

If I do a Windows 10 reset, erasing everything, is it safe to sell my PC? Do I need to use other software to wipe my HD. Or is the Windows reset format sufficient to remove all files and thus ke

Remove the HDD and replace it with another....or an SSD.

On 10/19/2020 at 7:35 PM, toast1 said:

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll download bcwipe.


But are you sure its necessary, I heard that when you delete everything and reinstall, it does get rid of everything if you chose to remove everything.




When you delete a file, it is only removed from the Master File Table. Which can be advantageous if you accidentally delete a file and want it back. I use a program called Recuva which found photos on a re-formatted hard drive from years ago.

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Interesting. Good to know about that. And scary to know I've been selling formatted PCs, thinking my info was safe.


I found it strange that when using Killdisk, it didn't boot from a USB or CD,  I just installed it, wiped, then restarted to find my OS gone.

Is this an effective wipe?
In the past I'd always booted from the wipe CD, but could not do it this time.






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