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Daughter wanting to return to Thailand

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My wife's Thai passport expired a couple of months before we started the process of moving to CM in August 2020.  She was required to get a Certificate of Identity (CI) in order to return to Thailand from USA.  She also holds a US passport, but that was of no use unless she wanted to go through the slower COE process.


Here's a link to the Los Angeles Royal Thai Consulate that explains what is required for the CI.



It would have required about 10 calendar days including mail turnaround, but the US Post Office lost her package of documents for nine days, causing us much grief and extra anxiety.

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Very important note - She MUST renew her Thai passport whilst she is in Thailand if she enters on it. Immigration will not let her leave on a different nationality passport to the one she entered on.

Contact the Embassy .

Getting a passport here should not be a problem unless she was born outside the country, then got her birth certificate from a Thai embassy and never registered here in a house book to get a Thai ID n

My son "lost" his Thai passport.  The Thai consulate in Vancouver issued him a travel passport on three days.  He will get a proper passport now that he is in Thailand.  If you daughter tries to return on a UK passport they will ask her for documents he does not have (Certificate of Residence, Valid re-entry visa etc).  The advantage of using the Thai passport is you dont need a Covid test before departure and you don't need to buy Covid insurance.  Just forget the UK passport approach, it will create more problems than she already has.

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On 10/20/2020 at 5:48 PM, Nanaplaza666 said:

Then i geuss there must be other options for her if she just needs some time of . If she wants to return here i geuss she has to quarantine for 14 days and same when she gets back to UK so that's 1 month in quarantine and all of that would just leave her 1 month of holliday . All the hassle would give me even more stress . Is there no other option for her two months of at work , there are some other options closer to home with less hassle i think . 

Actually, there's no 14-day quarantine when returning to the UK from Thailand. It's on the list of "travel corridors."


Covid-19 travel corridors


Also, it's not just two months - they said she could take "a couple of months" which when she asked, they said 2-3 months.


(It's unpaid leave so they're not so fussy about exactly how long it is.)


She's not bothered about the 14 days quarantine in Thailand and really wants to see her mother, me and all her other relatives. She doesn't want to stay in the UK for unpaid leave - if she stays they're she'll keep working and spending two months somewhere else isn't something she wants to do either.


On 10/20/2020 at 4:15 PM, jessc said:

While I am not 100% certain, I believe I read that for countries that allow dual citizenship, if you are a citizen of country X, you must enter country X on your country X passport.

That's not true for Thailand at least - my daughter has entered Thailand on her UK passport several times. Several other people have also related stories of Thais presenting at immigration with two passports and being told to use the foreign passport.

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