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British ‘Karen’ dragged for tweeting maskless airplane selfie

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5 hours ago, Mansell said:

It is staggering that Neanderthals like you are still denying this pandemic. Remember to send us a message on here when you or any of your family members come down with the virus.

3 out of 4 in my family had the virus in Jan/Feb, it was just an odd sort of flu.

We weren't on the 0.065% that died from it.

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I'm not sure she's wrong.

What a "British Karen"? Whats "dragged on Twitter"?   What language they speak?

I looked it up, its on wikipedia as ....     Karen is a pejorative term used in the English-speaking world for someone perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is app

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On 10/21/2020 at 9:15 AM, SomchaiCNX said:

She can believe what she wants, no problem with that. But if she does not follow the rules of the airline she booked with, sorry no excuse, kick her out and ban her. I feel sorry for the real Karen people around the world.

Don't feel sorry, they are all still in CM-CR region. 55555

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