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NO DEPOSIT / PREPAYMENT ASQ quarantine hotel bangkok

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Hello everybody .


Does anybody know of a ASQ quarantine hotel bangkok that don't take deposit or prepayment in the price range 30-40000 bath ? 


I will apply for visa and i don't want to pay the full cost of the hotel before i know for sure i can get the visa .  I found Best Bella hotel in Pattaya that gave me a booking confirmation and no payment before the visa was ok . But i was at the embassy ( In Norway ) today and that hotel was only for Thais and military .. So i could not use that ..  


Hope someone can help me out 🙂  


Have a great day 



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I know nothing about the procedure in Norway. But I checked the procedure of the Thai consulate in the Netherlands...  There the procedure consists of several "steps".


First you have to prove that you can apply for a visa.

After they checked this you have to book a flight + hotel

After they checked that you will get the permission to go.


So there is no risk that you will pay for a hotel only to hear that you cannot go because there is some problem with your visa.


Is the procedure in Norway so different?



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10 hours ago, heineken1972 said:

In Norway you have to have a confirmed ASQ booking before they even take your apply for Visa ..  That is what they told me today at the Embassy

Their website says otherwise.

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