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Trump calls Fauci a 'disaster' and seeks to reassure his team he can win

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I do not respond a lot about US politics , only sometimes when it get's over the top . Dr Fauci is worldwide known as great specialist . His research is as good as it get's , and he won multiple

Plus Fauci seems to be a decent human being, who doesn't need to smear others in order to feel better himself.

True hes not an idiot, just a disaster

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"I get this stuff"



Of course trump used to love to brag about his uncle, John G. Trump (MIT Prof.), and that he (president) shared is his uncle's vast scientific knowledge, which enabled him to deal with the Coronavirus epidemic far better than Fauci, et al.


Go figure.



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30 minutes ago, RocketDog said:

You think you have the luxury of dissociation but you're wrong. 

One will become president but unlike Las Vegas, what happens in America doesn't stay in America. 


The entire world has a stake in this election for better or for worse. 

im well aware of it, otherwise there is no way i would wish trump luck

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Trump is an accident waiting to happen ... and in some cases has already happened.


Fauci on the other hand is capable and knowledgeable ... that does not make his conclusions and advice right.  Every "expert" runs their knowledge and expertise through their own personal filter/lens.  So agree with Fauci's command of the facts but disagree with his conclusions/recommended action plan.  

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