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U.S. early voting approaches record 30 million mark

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This is going to be the most litigated, disastrous election in American history - blasting Bush/Gore out of the water.    Thankfully the supreme court will have ACB and a solid right lean to

If it is litigated it will be because Trump loses and cries fraud without evidence.

High turnout is always good news for the Democrats.

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7 hours ago, Brunolem said:

At this rate, only Trump will vote in person on November 3rd!


Having voted for himself, he will be declared (provisional) winner later in the night.


Then the counting of the mailed ballots will start, and for the first time ever, the US of A will not have enough lawyers!


that has been an additional irony with The Donald, he mails in his ballot from D.C. to Florida. Additional info, he has gotten in a bind claiming MarLago as both his business and his residence.

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9 hours ago, Tug said:

If there is one good thing I can say about the trump administration is people are paying attention now they realize how quick things can go bad and how hard it is to get rid of a bad president I think this historic turnout is a reflection of that 

I agree and have observed the potential irony. The Donald, indeed Making America Great Again (or at least improved) in a reaction against the Trump Administration.

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12 hours ago, Mama Noodle said:


Thankfully the supreme court will have ACB and a solid right lean to keep the fraud and dishonesty at bay. 


Did you mean, because by the time it will be decided, Trump will have packed the supreme court?


Solid right, as in solid right leaning.

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