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What Moto GP tech I'd like to see in street bikes is a seamless transmission. The rest is way above my skill level 🙂

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Wonder if these would improve the high speed stability on my 69 BSA Bantam, sounds like they would be an improvement over the stock Girling units that have been giving great service since new. 🤪

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1 hour ago, VocalNeal said:

I'd say yes but then you'll need to figure out how to make a 69 bantam go faster than a Lambretta?

Superior aerodynamics! enhanced by riding "Commando" it's also the "Super Sport", goes like a "Rocket" & was awarded a "Gold Star" at "Daytona" & a "Royal Star" at "Bonneville" got a "Tiger" in the tank!

Need to be a "Dominator" to attain "Speedmaster" performance though!

"Legend" & a "Victor" 🙂 

Going back to sleep now! 



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