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Trump objects to 'mute' button in next Biden matchup, but debate will go on

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I fail to see why a mute button equally applied to both candidates, will favour one or the other, but knowing the average IQ level of the Trump camp, I can understand why they don't get it

I object, too. After the first debate, Trump lost lots of ground in the electoral polls. Please, let him do a repeat.

trump, ever the consummate Fool

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2 hours ago, ChouDoufu said:


if he acts this way in public, imagine how unbearable he must be in his white house staffing meetings, briefings with generals and cdc officials.


i imagine those briefings must be even worse than the circus where he ordered his pandemic experts to "look into" injecting disinfectant into the lungs, like a cleaning, and to bring yu-vee light into the body, somehow.  trump acting pompous, giving orders, while the real experts bite their lips and take it.

Just watched on Australian TV the first part of the Trump show

the inside fighting among all staff and republicans is horrendous.

He is like a cry baby and every body not agreeing with him gets

sacked or made to resign he even sacks his advisors by tweets.

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24 minutes ago, IAMHERE said:

Not a chance that will happen, especially if the democratic activist moderator is in charge of the button.

The New York Times is reporting moderator Kristen Welker will not have control of a mute button in order to silence candidates,



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10 hours ago, GeorgeEboy said:

Never under estimate the stupidity of some of the American public. Many buffoons put him in office. And I’m not one of them. 🥴 

LOL, do you realize what you said in your last sentence? Double meaning. A better way of putting it would be to say " I did not vote for him".

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During the debate preparation for the first date, Chris Christie had advised Trump to keep interrupting Biden.  Biden has a speech impediment and interruptions tend to cause him to start stuttering.   


The 'mute' button might work to make it more pleasant for the viewers, but Trump can still speak and may be able to cause Biden to stutter.   


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