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Scratches to a car: Security guard murders driver in broad daylight while he buys "look chin"

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Scratches to a car: Security guard murders driver in broad daylight while he buys "look chin"



Picture: Naew Na


A pork ball on a stick vendor told the press how she witnessed a savage knife attack on a man who was buying "look chin" at her stall on his way home from work.


The murder in broad daylight yesterday afternoon came after the victim allegedly scratched the assailant's pick-up


The assailant - a security guard - is being hunted. 


Police and rescue services were called to the Sakhla housing estate in Samut Prakan around 5.30 pm where they found Asawin, 48, dead in a pool of blood in the street from six stab wounds all over his body.


There was a plastic food bag and its contents all strewn about. 


The assailant fled in a Nissan pick-up but though officers radioed ahead he evaded capture. 


The pork ball seller at the scene said she had waved at the victim as he rode a motorcycle home from his job. He was a ten wheel truck driver. 


She encouraged him to buy some food. He parked his motorcycle near one of the buildings and bought 5 sticks while they engaged in friendly conversation as they knew each other well. 


At that moment the assailant - a 56 year old man called Sombat who is a security guard at the estate - suddenly ran up to Asawin and viciously stabbed him in a frenzy. 


The victim tried to run off but it was no use and he collapsed and died immediately. 


Sombat then threw the knife in a pond, got into his pick-up that had the engine running and drove off. 


Locals helped the police find the knife in the pond after a 10 minute search.


The police said that the victim worked for a local company and lived in the same block as the assailant. 


They had argued two or three times over scratches that appeared on Sombat's pick-up.


Sombat's wife had been in the juristic person's office reviewing CCTV and had seen the deceased milling about her husband's pick-up.


She telephoned to tell him the news after which he got in his vehicle and waited for Asawin to come home from work before attacking him.


Police have applied for a warrant and are hunting for Sombat. 


Source: Naew Na




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-10-20
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30 minutes ago, steven100 said:

if you open your door onto the pick up next door, your gone buddy  !!

Always very careful getting in and out, but watch others....bang, dint...bang, dint......how can they do it????

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