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I would really like to hear more about planting rice this way, and if in this past season there has been any positive projected yields for the farmers that use rice planters compared to the previous years not using them. I do not see anyone in my village or nearby villages using these seeders yet, but have seen them gathering dust in he shops for some time now.


With me doing some other small scale farming, I believe that a planter that can also deposit bean, corn, and groundnut could be worth hooking up to my baby tractor. Price for the "TRA NGAO" 4 row is around 6000 Baht and the 6 row about 8000 Baht with delivery. Seems to be the best quality for the 10hp range. Any suggestions?



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Hi Douglas

The father in law used a friend with one of those 4 row machines behind a walking tractor as we only put in 4 rai and i was away working.

It did a good job,just starting to come out in ear now.




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